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Techniques & Treatment

At Ectrolysis, the main methods of electrolysis (or more accurately electroepilation) used are thermolysis and blend, primarily because they generally make best use of the client’s time and money. Which method is ultimately used depends on many factors, including but not limited to the client’s hair type, skin type, tolerance, and various contraindications that may be present. Some clients simply prefer thermolysis, some prefer blend, some switch between the two.

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Emma works on clients of all genders, although transgender hair removal needs are Emma’s specialist area of interest. She’s acutely aware of the unique issues facing transgender clients, having gone through the entire transition process herself.  Given that facial (and to some extent, body) hair removal is a key part of the transitions of many transgender women, she decided to focus specifically on developing what she believes is a cost-effective, understanding, results-driven service for transgender individuals.

No matter who you are – transgender or not – you won’t find professional-level electrolysis at a lower hourly cost in the region. Ectrolysis is the right choice.



Electroepilation at Ectrolysis is perfomed using the state-of-the-art Apilus xCell, manufactured by Dectro International in Canada (where Emma was trained).  This is a touch-screen 27.12MHz epilator that provides an experienced electrologist with unmatched flexibility to quickly and comfortably remove unwanted hair; operating at this frequency allows the pulses used during treatment to be extremely short and hence less painful and irritating for the client.  You will not find better equipment anywhere in the UK.

Ectrolysis - nothing but hair removal in a professional, clinical setting.

You’ll find nothing at Ectrolysis that doesn’t have a scientifically-proven and tangible benefit to your treatment. No hot stone massages, no facials, no perfumed oils or lotions for beauty treatments, no candles, no miniature waterfalls, no racks of wildly-expensive products of dubious effectiveness, and absolutely no pan pipe “spa music”.

Why choose Ectrolysis?

Cutting-edge professional equipment

We use the Apilus xCell. Nothing matches this system’s effectiveness.

Trans-friendly (but it’s okay if you’re not trans too!)

A cost-effective, high-quality, professional service for everyone, with a specific understanding of the unique issues facing transgender clients.

Any gender, any skin color, any hair, anywhere: Ectrolysis can help.

Professional, Experienced, and Qualified

Ectrolysis is a NHS Approved Provider for electrolysis.

Emma is a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE), L’Association des professionnels en électrolyse et soins esthétiques du Québec (APESEQ), and the American Electrology Association (AEA).  She is also the UK’s only electrologist who is also a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Fair Prices

In general, successfully undertaking hair removal via electrolysis represents a significant investment of your time and money. Emma strongly believes, having gone through the process herself, that excessively-high hourly rates are often unjustified, particularly when working with transgender clients, many of whom need far more than a few hours of work and for whom facial hair removal is not a cosmetic treatment but a medical necessity. Cost should not prevent transgender women from obtaining the treatment they need. It’s time to change the system.  By cutting out some of the inefficiencies in running a typical electrolysis practice, Emma is able to charge far less than most others.

Ectrolysis is operated as a social enterprise: that is, the goal is not profit, but providing a service to the community.  As such, the hourly rate can be reduced to what the service actually costs to run, not raised to highest hourly rate that the market will bear.

Making electrolysis simple and – finally – affordable.

Central Location

From London, Ectrolysis is a little over two hours via the M40. Manchester is about the same distance down the M6, and Bristol is a mere hour and a half on the M5. Given the low hourly rates, it makes economic sense to hop in the car rather than paying high hourly rates locally, especially if you’re booking a multi-hour appointment.




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