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Electrolysis, or more accurately electroepilation, is the permanent removal of hair by the delicate insertion of a fine probe into the hair follicle and the careful destruction of the areas of the follicle responsible for the production of hair by applying an electric current to the probe.

Strictly speaking, electrolysis is the application of a direct (galvanic) current through the moisture in the hair follicle, resulting in the creation of lye (caustic soda).  This chemical causes the necessary damage to the hair follicle to prevent regrowth.  Electrolysis has been in constant use as a means of permanent hair removal since its discovery by Dr. Charles Michel in 1875 and remains relevant and effective today.

Thermolysis instead uses a high frequency alternating current to generate a concentrated area of heat around the tip of the probe, sufficient to coagulate protein within the follicle and inhibit regrowth.

The blend method uses a combination of both currents; direct current to produce lye, and a low level of high frequency current to warm the lye and increase its destructive power.

At Ectrolysis, the main methods used are thermolysis and blend, primarily because they generally make best use of the client’s time and money.  Which method is ultimately used depends on many factors, including but not limited to the client’s hair type, skin type, tolerance, and various contraindications that may be present.  Some clients simply prefer thermolysis, some prefer blend, some switch between the two.

The equipment used at Ectrolysis is the most cutting-edge professional electroepilator available today; the Apilus xCell.  Nothing matches this system’s effectiveness.  However, no matter how advanced the equipment, the skill of the electrologist is far more important to successful treatment, along with commitment to the process on the part of the client.  Hair removal is a team effort.

Electroepilation remains the only proven permanent means of removing hair.  It works on all hair types and all hair colours.  Light-based hair removal techniques (laser and IPL) are a more recent development, and are as yet not deemed permanent nor applicable to all hair colors or skin types.  This is not to say that light-based techniques are incompatible with electroepilation as part of a wider treatment plan.  At Ectrolysis, the goal is to permanently remove the client’s hair as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  As such, if a client would benefit from being treated using a light-based technique to do much of the heavy lifting before electroepilation is used to clear up the remainder (e.g. clients with fair skin and large amounts of dark hair), they will be referred appropriately to a reliable, experienced, and trusted clinic.

All areas of the body can be treated (face, chest, back, arms, legs, genitals, etc.)  There is no additional charge for genital work at Ectrolysis.  While Emma’s specialist interest is hair removal for transgender clients, absolutely everybody is welcome and treated with the same respect and professionalism.  No matter who you are or what your permanent epilation needs are, Ectrolysis can help.  Any gender, any skin color, any hair, anywhere.  Emma does far more than transgender work.

Hair removal via electrolysis is a long-term process that requires commitment on the part of the client.  Electrolysis works – end of story – but only with clients who are dedicated to the treatment plan.  Emma will not rush the process and jeopardize any client’s results or health.  She works steadily and accurately, taking care not to cause any undue short- or long-term damage to a client’s complexion.  A careful approach results in faster hair removal and better overall results than a rushed job with high extraction rates per session but poor regrowth or damage to the skin.  The goal is not merely removal of hair, but leaving the skin looking as smooth as possible; no pitting, scarring, or other adverse side effects.

At Ectrolysis, you’ll find no hot stone massages, no facials, no perfumed oils or lotions for beauty treatments, no candles, no miniature waterfalls, no racks of wildly-expensive products of dubious effectiveness, and absolutely no pan pipe “spa music”.  Ectrolysis does nothing but hair removal in a professional, clinical setting.  Furthermore, you’ll find nothing at Ectrolysis that doesn’t have a scientifically-proven and tangible benefit to your treatment.  If doctors and scientists haven’t written papers explaining exactly how and why something works, it’s not going to be used at Ectrolysis.  No gimmicks, no toys, no magical belief in all manner of tacky hair removal gadgets or beauty salon potions.

A note about talking during treatment: if she’s working on your face – and probably anywhere else – Emma will not talk to you during treatment other than questions directly referring to the treatment itself (e.g. “Did you feel that?”)  Talking involves the client moving his or her jaw, and moving jaws can’t be worked on.  She’s happy to natter with you before and after the appointment or during breaks, but in order to maximize the hair removal, quietness is generally best.  As such, you’re welcome to bring an iPod or phone and plug it into the speakers that are available in the treatment room (unless of course you’re a fan of pan pipe “spa music”, which is absolutely banned).  If you don’t bring anything, it’ll probably be Radio 4 (unless it’s the Archers.)  Wearing headphones during treatment is not permitted during initial appointments as it prevents communication between Emma and the client; for appointments later in the treatment schedule, headphones are allowed.  If she’s working on your lower body, you’re welcome to bring a book to read too. Bring whatever you want to distract yourself, including that favorite stuffed animal of yours (what my UK clients would call a soft toy, not literally a “stuffed animal”.  Unless of course taxidermy really calms you down, but you might need a psychotherapist rather than an electrologist if that’s the case.)




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