Transgender hair removal needs are Emma’s specialist area of interest, and she’s acutely aware of the unique issues facing transgender clients, having gone through the entire transition process herself.

Unwanted facial hair can be a very significant source of dysphoria, and unfortunately electroepilation requires some amount of visible hair growth for treatment.  Growing out facial hair is often an uncomfortable experience for transgender individuals who wish to have smooth and more typically-feminine faces; for many, it represents at least a few days of rough, masculine skin, visible beard shadow, and avoiding social situations and interaction with friends, family, and colleagues.  During her transition, Emma was frequently frustrated with the lack of understanding about how unpleasant any visible facial hair can be for some transgender individuals, and struggled to find an electrologist willing to treat the problem with the same seriousness as she felt it deserved.  Having to endure growing out her facial hair (and looking male) for three or four days before regular treatments, only to be limited to a one-hour appointment (and there’s only so much that can be done in an hour), was a struggle and had a crippling effect on her life.  As such, Ectrolysis has taken steps to address these issues.  The office is deliberately located in a quiet area of town, far from a crowded city center so as to provide clients with some level of privacy while unshaven, lacking makeup, and reddened post-treatment.  There is free on-site parking literally right outside the front door of the office.  Importantly, Ectrolysis is able to offer “long haul” appointments of up to four hours in duration to maximize the hair removal achievable; one-hour appointments for many transgender clients just doesn’t cut it.  Long appointments will include occasional breaks for the comfort of the client and the electrologist, and treatment will continue to the end of the appointment unless Emma deems the treatment to be detrimental to the client’s wellbeing (e.g. excessive swelling, redness, or other reactions that working through would potentially cause harm to the client), or until the client “taps out”.

Genital hair removal is not a problem at Ectrolysis and will be undertaken at standard treatment rates.  It’s just hair!

For upper lip work, you’re welcome to apply EMLA cream an hour before the appointment.  This can be obtained over the counter at most chemists, and it can make a highly-unpleasant experience just that little bit more tolerable.

Emma is dedicated to staying at the forefront of transgender facial hair removal, and is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).




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