Before we get to the fancy equipment directly used during electroepilation at Ectrolysis, the issue of sterilization should be addressed – it’s far more important.

All probes are single-use, disposable probes that are factory sealed in individual sterile packages which will be opened only in the presence of the client.  A new probe is used for every client and for every appointment.  Clients will under no circumstances be permitted to take used probes out of the treatment room, nor will clients be allowed to “save” probes for reuse at subsequent appointments; probes are rendered useless by Emma after every treatment session and disposed of in a biomedical waste container, again all in the presence of the client.

All surfaces and equipment are thoroughly disinfected prior to each appointment and after each appointment.

All non-disposable equipment (e.g. tweezers) is sterilized in an autoclave on site, and a sterile pair of tweezers will be opened at the start of each appointment in the presence of the client.  If you’d like to view the sterilizer and the sterilization process, just let Emma know.

Gloves are worn at all times during treatment.  Latex-free gloves are typically used.  Face masks may be worn if necessary.  At Ectrolysis, hygiene is taken extremely seriously.

For accuracy, Emma uses high-quality surgical loupes for visual magnification during treatment rather than a magnifying lamp.  This allows her to adjust the direction of the light during treatment to highlight hairs that would otherwise be invisible under direct illumination, and it also (in her opinion) provides far less visual distortion than a single-lens magnifying lamp.  She does have a high-magnification illuminated lamp that she may use on occasion.

Now, the techie stuff…

Electroepilation at Ectrolysis is perfomed using the state-of-the-art Apilus xCell, manufactured by Dectro International in Canada (where Emma was trained).  This is a touch-screen 27.12MHz epilator that provides an experienced electrologist with unmatched flexibility to quickly and comfortably remove unwanted hair; operating at this frequency allows the pulses used during treatment to be extremely short and hence less painful and irritating for the client.  The xCell offers numerous modes of operation and a vast range of settings, many of which are unique to the xCell and which can be utilized on occasion to remove tough hair without having to resort to brute force methods.  The xCell used at Ectrolysis is “Synchro” equipped.  Simply put, this electroepilator is unmatched.  If you’d like to spend a few minutes at the appointment being shown the ins and outs of this wonderful piece of equipment, Emma will be happy to show you.

That said, it’s only as good as the electrologist using it.  A poorly-trained practitioner using the xCell will have awful results compared to an expert practitioner using equipment that is twenty years old.

Fortunately, Emma’s training was spent in Canada with the manufacturer, Dectro International, and she learned directly from those who know the machine inside and out and who had input into its functionality.  Much of her experience in Canada was gained specifically using the xCell, although she’s also familiar with other models in the Apilus range.




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